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All You Need - And More - To Sell Online.

A New Approach To Getting Your Business Taking Online Orders! It's simple. It's definately affordable. It does it all.

The WasteTech solution is a comprehensive solution to help you grow your waste business. Let us handle the stresses & high prices of getting your business selling online. We thought of everything, so you don’t have to! We tied up all the loose ends, connected all the dots, put all the pieces together – to create an E-Commerce Solution for your waste business.

You can have your WasteTech online solution ready in a matter of days, not weeks or months, and It's Free!

Have a look below at what is included.

Grow Your Business  Without The Expense

Forget the old way of doing business. We bring together everything required to grow your business and revenue. 

WasteTech helps your business attract new customers and allows them to book your services online.

A website that allows customers to order online drives more sales. Nearly 70% of consumers agree that they are more likely to order from a business that has a website that accepts online ordering, over one that does not. The pandemic has also changed the way people order products and services*

So Whats Included For Free?

Secure E-Commerce Form

A Free Order Form for your existing website. This allows you to add online ordering to on your website. Have a look at our demo here.

Secure Cloud Dashboard

Manage all your orders and customer details through a secure dashboard. All safe and secure in the cloud with access anytime, anywhere.

Get Paid Online

Accept all major credit and debit cards. WasteTech's payment processing keeps your transactions safe, secure and affordable.  

Free Maintenance & Updates

We make sure the solutions supplied by us, are up to date and fully functional. We handle it all, so you can focus on your business, without this extra stress and cost.

Free Website Traffic

We even give you free traffic by utilising our GEO targetted system to build a webpage for every town within a given radius of your office. Click here to see this feature.

Much More To Come

We are continually adding new features to the Wastetech system. This means you always have the best tools at your finger tips, to grow your business

Dont Have a Website! No Problem!

Secure E-Commerce Website

A Free eCommerce Website with all the tools you need to build, manage, and grow your business online. Have a look at our demo website here.

Free Domain Name

Need a domain for your new website, we will give you one absolutely free of charge. If you already own a domain, you can use that as well.

Unlimited Hosting & Email

Truly Free Unlimited Web Hosting: Unlimited Space, Bandwidth and Email accounts. User Friendly Control Panel. UK data centres.

Free SSL Certificate

All customers that use our free hosting for either their existing website, or a new one supplied by us, get a Free SSL Certificate.

Free Blog

A Free Blog for your website to write and publish fresh content. This helps keep your customers informed on whats happening with your business.

Free App Coming Soon

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you while they are on the move. With your own custom-branded iOS and Android app

How Much Is That All Worth?

Below is a list of the cost of the items we provide to you for free.

The figure is based on the 1st year's average cost of equivalent products and services, offered by companies across the UK.

E-Commerce Website


Unlimited Hosting


Domain Name


SSL Certificate


Maintenance & Updates


Website Traffic


Total Freebies


Please bear in mind that the savings mentioned here do not include ongoing yearly costs after the first year.

These can amount to at least another £3000 a year of savings.

So Why Give This All Away For Free & Whats The Catch?

To put your mind at ease....There is no catch!

We decided to shake the industry up a bit. Unlike other companies, this is not a free trial. As long as you are a customer, you can have all of the above for free, without ever having to pay us a penny!

So how does WasteTech make money? Well, we only make money when you make money.

As part of all the freebies we give you, we give you the ability to take online orders directly from your website. In order to do that, you need to be able to process payments.

To allow you to take payments from your customers, we built our own payment processing system in partnership with Stripe.

WasteTech charges you an online payment processing fee, just like PayPal or WorldPay would. This is standard for any online payments and thats how we make money. Please refer to our fees!

There is nothing to setup. No merchant accounts to apply for, no servers to configure, no complicated shopping carts to setup and no expensive techies required to get you live.


Boost Your Sales Streamline Your Operation

Give customers more ways to reach you and more ways to order your services, allowing you to do more business. 

Why Choose Us?

Our main focus is building products specifically for the waste industry. So you are assured of getting the best solution to suit your business needs.

We are constantly focused on customer driven innovation. Developing industry leading products and services to disrupt the industry.

We are always here to help you with any questions you may have. Our customer support team is just an email, chat, or phone call away.

Our mission is to help waste industry businesses around the world, by offering them the tools and services, to start, run, and grow online.

Waste businesses everywhere use our technology

“We have been using the WasteTech system for nearly 2 years now. I can honestly say its increased our sales ten fold, made our customers happier, as its easier to order, and been great for business”

 Director, Junk Removals Group

“We already had a website, so we only used the online ordering form & dashboard to enable us to take orders online. It's definately the cheapest and fastest way to start taking online orders”

Owner, BK Skip Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions not listed below, please click here to contact the WasteTech Team who will be happy to help.


Is everything you give really free?

Absolutely! As long as you are a WasteTech customer you will continue to be granted access to all the freebies we offer.

Unlike other companies this isnt just a trial. It won't cost you a penny!

They only thing you pay is the payment processing fees for your online orders. Businesses that accept credit/debit cards for online payments are charged a small fee per transaction. This is referred to as the payment processing fee.

I already have a website, can I still use WasteTech?

Yes you can. If you are looking for the option to be able to take online orders, we can attach a custom form like this one to your existing site.

It will have your logo and other details to blend in with your existing brand. We also give you a full backend platform to allow you to check order details, update your product/service prices and many more features.

I already host my website and email elsewhere. do I need to move everything.

No you don't. That being said, you can save yourself a fair amount every year on hosting costs, by using our Free Unlimited Hosting.

You can migrate to WasteTech automatically from other web hosts, including those who use cPanel, Heart Internet, Plesk and Fasthosts. If you’re coming from a different provider, our Support Team is always happy to help.

There’s zero downtime and no risk of data loss.

I already have a domain do I still get one for free?

Free domains are for customers that don't have an existing website.

You can however use the free domain to setup the WasteTech system separately from your existing website.

How do you get me free traffic?

We get you free traffic by utilising our GEO targetted system to build a webpage for every town within a given radius of your office.

As an example if you searched for "junk removal bluetown" you will see in position 1 of google, that the following page is listed https://www.junkremovalsgroup.co.uk/areas/bluetown/

We would build out hundreds of these pages to cover every town and city that you service.

So when people are searching for a local skip company in a specific town, these pages will get clicks and generate you free traffic.

** This doesnt happen instantly but can take a few weeks to get some traction**

How do I get my free SSL certificate?

If you domain/website is hosted by us, or if you are just using our booking form you will automatically receive the free SSL certificate.

Can I add my own logo and text etc?

Yes you can. You can email support@wastetech.io and one of the team will advise you how to send us the logo so we can add it for you.

Can I add products or services on my own?

You are welcome to add as many products and services as you wish to the system.

By default we load up standard products/services depending on your business type i.e. skip hire companies have the various skip sizes preloaded with images and man and van also have various services preloaded.

Just login to your dashboard here and select the product or service you would like to update.

Can I change pricing easily?

Yes you can do this in realtime. 

Just login to your dashboard here and select the product or service you would like to update.

Can I suggest a new feature?

Of course! WasteTech exists to help you make a website you're proud of.

If there's a feature you'd like to see added, just let us know.


What is need to get setup?

All you need to get setup with us is the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • An email address
  • Your business name (or sole trader name) and address
  • The name, address and DOB of company directors or sole proprietors
  • Business Your business bank account details - so you can get paid

One of our team will send you a link to complete the above information via our onboarding form.

Can any type of waste business use this?

Any waste business that sells a product or service is welcome to use the WasteTech system. i.e. Skip Hire, Man and Van waste removal etc

If you are not sure please contact us and we will find a solution to suit your needs.

I am a sole trader can I still signup?

Yes we accept sole traders (sole proprietors) as well as limited companies.

How long does it take to get setup?

Once we have all the info requested above, we can have you setup in a few hours.

Depending on the free items you require, there may be a few additional days to get things like the website etc setup, but generally its a few days.

Is WasteTech available in my country?

We are currently rolling out in the UK, but will be rolling out in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the coming months.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact us and we will inform you once we are ready to launch.

Taking Orders & Payments

Can I take orders online once I am setup?

Absolutely! This is the main functionality of the WasteTech system.

Just send your customers to your booking form and start making money. This is an example booking form


What can I sell through the platform?

You can sell any waste related product or service that your business offers.

How do I get paid?

Your customer will pay you online via the WasteTech booking form. They will be able to pay via credit and debit card.

Will I be sent orders automatically?

Yes, you will receive an automatic email notification with all the order details. You can then log into the Admin Area to process the order.

You also have an option to turn on SMS notifications in the dashboard.

Where can I see all my orders and other customer details?

You can login to your admin dashboard to right here.

Can I use another payment gateway?

No sorry, currently the only payment gateway we support is our own. We may offer extras in the future.

How secure are my customers payments?

Our payment processor is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can rest assured that your customers information is safe and secure.

What card types can I accept?

United States
U.S organizations can accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB       

Canadian organizations can accept: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

Europe and Australia
European and Australian organizations can accept: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

For other countries please contact us!



What are the costs?

The only costs are the payment processing fees for taking the payment online. 

All the other stuff we give you is totally free.

No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden costs.

What are the payment processing fees you charge?

Our online transaction fees are one the lowest you'll find anywhere for similar services - but no one in the industry gives you all the free stuff we do!

You'll find that some services charge 4%, 5% ... sometimes even up to 8% 

Our transaction fees are based on your annual turnover and can be as low as 2%. So the more orders you put through the system the cheaper the transaction fees.

Contact one of our team and we will set you up with a very competitive rate. You can see our fees by clicking here.

When I refund a customer do I also receive a refund of the payment processing fees?

Unfortunately not. There are no fees to refund a charge when you process a full, or partial refund through the dashboard. The payment processing fee from the original charge are not returned, but 100% of the customers amount will be returned. 

A large portion of the underlying cost of payment processing is driven by fees assessed by banks and payment networks (like Visa and Mastercard). These networks set rules about which fees apply for refunded payments, and in many cases banks and card networks keep the entire upfront cost of a refunded transaction.

We aim to make our pricing simple and transparent, and our standard fees include access to a variety of features like fraud protection, reporting, and other tools for managing your payments. To address these underlying payment processing costs and continue providing these services as part of our standard pricing, WasteTech does not return our fees when a payment is refunded.

What some suppliers do is add a clause into their terms and conditions, stating they will deduct any payment processing fees from the customers refund if the refund is of no fault of the supplier.

What happens in the event of a charge back?

All charge backs are handled exclusively by our payments processing partner Stripe. If you received a charge back you must deal with Stripe to address the dispute and resolve the issue.

Stripe will email you to request further info.

It is strongly recommended you work with your customer to resolve any disputes to avoid charge backs. Charge backs can cost you £15.00 or more, this amount is charged by Stripe and not WasteTech. 

If the customer’s bank resolves the dispute in your favor, the fee is fully refunded.

When do I receive my money?

Once you’re set up, payouts arrive in your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis every day

Is there a contract length or minimum term?

No, there is no contract at all.

You are free to stop using our services at any time.

How would I cancel, should I want to?

Simply contact us and one of our team will discuss the next steps.

Please bear in mind that any freebies we give you will not be able to be taken with, as they are free on condition that you are a WasteTech customer.

*Google/Ipsos, SMB Value of Websites Among Consumers, US, May 2018, n of 1,510 US consumers aged 18-64

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